Our Origin Story

Brethren Brewing Company started as small group of people who decided it was pretty cool to brew beer. In the early years we learned a lot about the process what made good beers and not so good beers, as we became better at the craft, our numbers grew, leading us to start a co-op of home-brewers who had fallen in love with the community that was forming while enjoying a couple pints.

Once we realized the power found in this experience, we started to ask the question how could we share this with more people, maybe something similar to a church gathering, out of that was born Brethren Brew Pub.

Brethren Brew Pub over a short number of years has become a considerable force for good in Manteca, engaging many different people, increasing awareness about our community, raising thousands of dollars for a variety of different causes. We offered our beer at community events, fundraisers, and more. We've helped everyone from our local little league to homeless children in Manteca.

Today we are bringing the power of this community even further. At Brethren Brewing Company, we believe in great beer and the power of a couple of pints with good people. The bottom line, our profit motivation is to simply do good. We know this might sound a little crazy, but every bit of profit that the brewery generates will be used to impact Manteca.

Would you join us in this mission, be a part of the movement Changing Manteca one Pint at a Time!


Our Core Values

We know your going to say "it's sounds to simple", but we have seen it happen time and time again, that's why, at Brethren Brewing Company we want to be known as an organization... 

Where you can find great beer and experience meaningful community!  That inspires thrilling generosity!  So much that it changes Manteca "one pint at a time"!   


Our Team


Christian, Father, Husband, Dreamer, ADD, and Owner

Daniel is a life long resident of Manteca.   For some reason, he decided to go all in on starting a brewery in Manteca while changing Manteca.  He loves the complexities of beer and bringing people together. 

Husband, Dad, Beard Grower, Founding Board Member, Head Brewer

Kevin loves beer and the brewing process.  He is an avid learner, and works to absorb every bit of knowledge regarding beer.  When he’s not brewing, he’s spending time with his wife and two kids.

Pastor, leader, Founding Board Member

Jesse was there when the birth of Brew Pub happened.  Oh hell, he was the attending physician, and helped bring that baby into the world.  Now Jesse enjoys hikes in the woods, sunsets, and changing the world.

Non-profit leader, coffee connoisseur, and Founding Board Member

We met Doug while attending Brethren Brew Pub.  Doug has a heart for the city of Manteca and wants to make a real difference.  Doug and his wife Sara also happen to own a small business in town Nightingale Coffee & Tea.  

Warrior, believer in dreams, CEO of CalState Supply, Founding Board Member

Some people, you have to wonder how you met them and why do you deserve a person like that in your life.  Joe is a dreamer and believes in what we are doing whole heartedly.   When we are not sure how this dream is coming together, Joe is there to reinforce our capabilities and help our hearts.


Miles Larson (not pictured)
Foodie, Beer Lover, Pastor, Founding Board Member

If Jesse was the attending physician of Brew Pub, Miles was the nursemaid.  Miles helped nurture the idea from concept to fruition, and watched brewpub grow from an idea, to the sprouting of a whole brewery.