This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  We're hoping to answer any questions you may have here.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, email contact@brethrenbrewing.co

When are you opening? (Updated 9/2022)

This is the million dollar question isn't it?  First lets clarify the scope of the project.  We walked in on a building that is over 100 years old and decided to make a brewery out of it.  We had to rip out nearly every floor in the building, install all new plumbing, electrical, and support in this amazing facility.  All in the backdrop of COVID, Crazy busy contractors, labor shortages, supply shortages, and now inflation.  This is not excuse making, its reality.    

Since we missed date after date, season after season and now year after year I'm reluctant to give a concrete answer on this.  But what I can say at this point is SOON.  Nearly every thing is put together and we are waiting on some larger items still.  But its all falling into place.  We appreciate everyone's patience and we really hope to reward you with a unparalleled experience in Manteca.  

Can I get a tour?

Eventually Maybe.  Its really not a ton to look at, but I'm sure our brewer can be bribed with cookies or something.

Pet Policy

Yes, well behaved dogs are allowed, but on our terms because we’re putting our necks out to make this happen. So please read the rules and know that they will be enforced :

  • Well behaved dogs are allowed. Everybody has a nice dog, until they’re not. Aggressive behavior and excessive barking aren’t going to be tolerated. Not everyone loves dogs where they want to relax and drink a beer, so please be mindful of everyone around you. If we ask you to keep your dog from barking, please be respectful of our ask.

  • ALL dogs must be on leash at all times. This means everywhere on the property. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. If we have to remind you more than twice, you’ll be asked to take your excellence elsewhere.


Our license allows children to be on premise. We want to make this a family friendly experience.  We even have goodies for the kids and encourage games and fun.   We even have our own kids with all their crazy antics.  With that in mind we do have a couple rules.

  • Well behaved children, absolutely welcome. No yelling, screaming and running through the patio/building will be tolerated. If you wouldn’t allow it at a restaurant, it won’t fly here either.

  • Watch your kids. The patio is nice and the beers go down easy, but please keep an eye on your kids at all times. We are not a day care, babysitter or romper-room.


  • We will have availability of some snacks for your snacking pleasure.  We also plan on partnering with various food trucks and catering companies so you can have a meal with us!
  • We also are going to allow you to have delivery or bring your own food.  We understand that adding food will make the experience better and encourage it!
  • We have a Crowler machine and will fill 32oz Crowlers and we will have 64oz growlers available for purchase.  

  • If you bring your own growler it must be plain and not have the logo of any other brewery on it.  Ours are cheap, just buy one if you need it.


  • Yeah we have outside seating. However it could impact many more people enjoyment that just yours, so we cannot allow smoking.  Period.