Our Beer

Here are just some of our acclaimed feature beers we plan to have on tap when we open!  Eventually we'll be able to have as many as 16 different beers on tap!

NOTE: this list does not guarantee that they are on tap or that the style, hop combinations, and flavor profile is the exact same as described.  

Please see Facebook and Instagram for current tap lists.


The Lawnmower
5.5 abv 19 IBU
The Lawnmower is our American Blond ale.   It has a sweet malt background, with a nice floral smell.  Its a great drinking beer that is sure to please.   You'll wish you had one right after mowing the lawn!

Der Rasenmaher
4.8 abv 18 IBU
Der Rasenmaher is German for The Lawnmower!   This is our German Lager.  Its a clean crisp lager done right.  Easy to drink, easy to enjoy, this will make you a happy person on a hot summer day! 

Consensus IPA
6.5 abv 45 IBU
Everyone agrees its the Best!  Our Consensus IPA will leave you coming back for more.  As a West Coast IPA, it had firm bitterness, and a pronounced malt flavor.  But the Hops.   They will have you agreeing that its the best!

Castoria NEIPA
6.5 abv 55 IBU
Castoria is one of our Hazy IPAs.  Its got huge hints of orange and pineapple, and goes down without any bitter notes!

7.7 abv 77 IBU
7x77 is a mean Black IPA.   One of the higher abv beers we make, this one is sure to please.   We use 7 different hop varieties in this one.   With a firm bitterness and abundant hop flavor, you'll forgive us if we accidently drink it all.

Brethren Brown
5% abv 21 IBU
Brethren Brown is our nod to a style you just dont see all that often.   Notes of Chocolate and coffee, and a slight barrel aged quality are the dominant flavors of this beer.   One of our brewer's favorites, we hope you'll love it too!